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Free Consulting and Back Office Help for Pandemic Impacted Medical Practices

As doctors become our front-line fighters against COVID 19, Altumed has launched a Free Service to help such doctors with their back office work.
Free Patient Scheduling Help
Free new claims submission
Free claims-Follow up
Free Telehealth Consultation
Two hours of free Customized consultation session

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Areas We Can Help You With

Telehealth Consulting

Altumed specialist can help you implement Telehealth strategy in your practice including choice of technology solutions including Usage of appropriate CPT codes, aligning the practice staff with telehealth dynamics

Revenue Cycle Management Assistance

Our RCM specialist can work with you to submit you pending claims including telehealth claims as well as follow up with insurance company with current account receivable

Patient Scheduling

Our staff will virtually help you to schedule regular as well as telehealth patients

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